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Posted by on May 24, 2016 in Blog |

Prefab Home Installation in San Diego Captured by Drone

Prefab Home Installation in San Diego Captured by Drone

Drone Used by USModular, Inc. Shows Aerial Views and 400 Ton Crane in Action

The weather in Southern California was 75 degrees and a perfect day to install a new custom home in Carlsbad, California, just 35 miles north of San Diego. This beautiful new custom prefab home was built by US Modular Home Builders. Unlike most modular homes sold, US Modular has chosen a modular shell and they will finish the remainder of it on site.The home is 2,451 sf with 4 bedrooms, a master bathroom, guest bathroom, master closet and laundry room. The interior of the home will feature unique finishes to create a fabulous modular home for the owners.A drone was on hand to take aerial photos of the installation. What a great perspective to see the 400 ton crane in action. I don’t remember ever seeing a 400 ton crane used to set a home before but I can add it my list of things unique to modular construction. Read the entire article:

For more information on how you can build using prefab construction:


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