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What is an ADU in El Cajon?

Many property owners in El Cajon choose to build an ADU for one of the following reasons:

  1. Add additional space for a family (kids moving home or aging parents moving closer to family.
  2. Rental Income – adding an ADU in your backyard is an excellent opportunity to create rental property to generate income.

An accessory dwelling unit (ADU), granny flat, or “backyard home” is a legal and regulatory term for a secondary house that shares the building lot of a larger, primary home. The unit cannot be bought or sold separately, but they are often used to provide additional income through rent or to house a family member. We build our ADUs with prefabricated construction to save time and money for clients. As ADU BUILDERS, we consider prefabricated construction to be less disruptive to homeowners and neighborhoods as we can typically complete a project onsite in a few weeks once the home is built in our factory.

El Cajon Facts:

  • Population: 103,186 (2019)
  • County: San Diego County
  • El Cajon is a city located within San Diego county, right along the Mexican American border. When visiting El Cajon, there are many beautfoful outdoor parks and places to camp like TopoTerra and AdventureKT. They also have an amphitheater, Mt. Helix Park, with surrounding city views.

Why choose USModular, Inc. to build your ADU in El Cajon:

The Team at USModular, Inc. is unique in the industry as we are general contractors, ADU contractors in El Cajon, licensed Manufactured Home Manufacturers, Modular Home Dealers    Park Model /Tiny Home dealers, and a licensed Modular Home   Factory. Our team is led by 2nd generation contractor and our team has combined over 100+ years of experience in the Prefabricated Construction industry. We are a ONE STOP SHOP – we handle everything: design, permits, site construction, home fabrication, transportation, installation, utility connections, and then we hand you the keys!

El Cajon ADU Cost?

The ADU El Cajon Cost can start at $ 150,000 and goes up from there depending on custom additions and square footage. You do have the option of financing a prefab ADU in El Cajon but many will pay cash. If Cash is not an option ADU financing is typically achieved through:

  1. Home Equity Loan
  2. Cash our refinance of the Primary residence
  3. A home Renovation loan can be used to build a prefabricated ADU.
  4. Tiny Home financing is available through several national banks.

The monthly mortgage cost for the ADU will typically be significantly less than the rental income or the cost for family members to rent a comparable property.  The bottom line is it the ADU in El Cajon should generate positive cash flow or provide livable space for a family member at less than a comparable rental in El Cajon

Zoning for ADU’s in El Cajon?

State laws have made it easier to build an ADU in every city in California. The City of El Cajon ADU Ordinance states you can build an ADU from 400 sf to 1,200 sf. ADUs can be built on single-family or multifamily residential zoned lots. ADUs are allowed in all residential zones. The City of El Cajon ADU requirements for parking has been relaxed. Setback Side and Rear have been shrunk to 4’. Permit Fees and have been reduced and in some cases waived. The bottom line is it’s a good time to add extra space as laws are in your favor. The El Cajon ADU laws have been changed recently to allow more ADU’s to be built in Southern California. The City of El Cajon Pre-approved ADU plans can be found on our website or the city website!

What is the difference between a Tiny Home vs. an ADU in El Cajon?

Sometimes Nothing! A tiny home aka a park model is technically an RV that cannot exceed 400 sf. Many cities, like El Cajon and Los Angeles, have approved Tiny Homes as ADUs and El Cajon is close behind in allowing tiny homes/ park models as ADUs. Many of the tiny homes we offer are built to both ANSI and CBC requirements to satisfy local building officials – PLUS we feel it provides a better-built home. We have many models that include lofts and porches that are not included in the livable space but extend the actual usable space. The ADU designs in El Cajon can be very similar to that of a Tiny home or a Companion unit if you wanted them to be.

Why Choose a Prefabricated ADU in El Cajon?

Prefab ADU’s and Tiny Homes are built in a factory by a team that works together daily. Building your ADU in a factory makes building an ADU in El Cajon more cost and time-efficient. Teamwork, Bulk buying power, Smart designs will save time and money!

Check out the many Tiny Homes and Accessory Dwelling Units we offer in El Cajon:


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